Sunday, June 20, 2010

You do school...year round?

I often get asked if we take a break from "school" for the summer.

Why should we?
There's so much to do!

There are local dairy farms to tour! (They give you funky blue boots to wear so you don't track dirt inside the bottling area...)

There are bugs to catch and identify.

There are creeks to dip into...

...and tadpoles to find.

Things to build

and build

like anemometers and weather vanes (that really work!)

There are wars to fight...

...and battles to win!

Wait, you say. That's not school. That just looks like a whole lotta fun.

I say...why does there have to be such a difference?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sometimes it just happens

We've come upon that place where reading "just happens". I love it.

You call for Iggy and when he doesn't answer, you look for him and find him

there he is

sucked into a great book.

And you sigh.
Then you look for Ooky.

Found him!

Apparently its a great day to relax with some reading. I think I'll go find a book...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Energy Expended

Life takes Energy.

It seems like lately, when we get done with our Energetic Day, I have no Energy left to write about the Energy we expended.

But I know that you all get that. Because you're Energy Expenders like we are.

That's why cameras are so great.

They catch a bit of the Energy and still leave you with enough Energy to show what happened.

So I'm relying on the camera to do our catching up with you while I soak up whatever it is that renews my Energy.

Because I need it.

More Energy, that is.