Sunday, January 11, 2009

Still a survival guy, Mom.

Come on, children, says the fearless Mama. Its time for another aventure in the woods!

It appears as if the little teepee house we built on a whim the other day has turned in to just about the coolest thing ever. It's where we hang. Sure, pay no mind that its 10 degrees outside. (Actually, that's pretty warm for MN.) Its wickedly cool to hang out in a "survival house" that you created.

Here is Hubster building a campfire next to our little house in the woods.

Here is Iggy dragging his sled out across the bridges and up the trail, by way of his mouth. Apparently, he was being a sled dog.

Iggy thought a shovel might be a necessary tool at the new house, so he packed that across the bridges and up the trail. Notice the blue baklava on his head, designed and sewed by his mother and father the night before. It cost a whole fifty cents, because I got the piece of fleece at the Salvation Army earlier in the day for a whopping two quarters.

Truly, if we could have a real house right in this spot, it would be grand. The view off the front porch is lovely, ain't it?: In any event, its good to know they're learning good things about the woods...and hopefully, when we find that Little Farm in the Big Woods someday to really move to, this will all come in handy.


Sarah said...

Hi there. Very cool view from the front porch! Where on earth is this little slice of heaven?

jbantau said...

Can either of you ladies (Sarah, Amy) tell me about dealing with the school districts you live in? We are currently searching for a place to call home in good ole MN. I just don't want to be stuck in a place that is anti-homeschool. Indifference I can handle, but adversity I don't want. We are really looking at central MN. This is where most of my family is, but we have to go where the jobs are. I would really be grateful for your input and anyone else you can put me in touch with. Feel free to email me at