Monday, March 1, 2010

The Winter I-Wish-It-Were-Spring Olympics

Many of you probably caught bits and pieces of the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Perhaps you followed the ice skaters, the bobsledders, or the skiers.

What you probably didn't know was at the same time in a smallish town in Minnesota, there was a less known but equally as exciting sports event taking place: The Winter I-Wish-It-Were-Spring Olympics.

There were only two countries competing. Ooky hailed from the country of Screamtownia, from a little village just north of Tantrum.

He is a model citizen. ;)

Iggy was from PineBranchia. He demonstrated the customs of his country by gathering pine branches (knocked down in a snowstorm) and organizing a parade of Olympic competitors to the bonfire pit.

There were many events at the Winter I-Wish-It-Were-Spring Olympics. Ice Hammering was a big event which Ooky performed well at.

But then everyone expected that, seeing as he's got all that pent up aggression and rage...being from ScreamTownia and all. (Thanks to Falcon's Nest for the ice hammering idea.)

When Iggy joined into Ice Hammering, the event changed to Free The Grass. Competitors tried feverishly to knock enough snow and ice away to see the grass underneath.

And let me tell you, when you haven't seen a blade of grass since before Christmas, this is seriously exciting stuff.

The next event was Bike Down a Snowy Hill But Be Careful for the Ice at the Bottom...

...followed by Jumping Your Bike Over Snowhills Is Not The Same As Dirt Hills. The boys were great competitors in this event. They survived without breaking their tailbones, which in my book means they tied for the gold medal.

The scrapwood pile was attacked and a Combination Balance Beam/Trampoline was constructed.

Ooky from Screamtownia gave and impressive bouncy balancing act and earned much applause.

Because throwing chunks of wood and knocking stuff over is always a good time, a really techincal event called Knock the Cones Off Grandpa's Ladder was played.

Iggy from PineBranchia took the gold.

An Olympic event which seemed to keep coming up was Ice Falling, in which Ooky of Screamtownia got the gold, due to his many extra style points.

And there you have it, folks. A sampling of the Winter I-Wish-It-Were-Spring Olympics. Perhaps next time, you'll catch it on television.

I can hardly imagine what Iggy and Ooky would come up with for the opening and closing ceremonies. ;)


Phyllis said...

Very cute. Thanks for the smiles.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking I might have enjoyed their opening/closing ceremonies a wee bit better than the real thing! ;)

Kez said...

lol - damn, why didn't that televise *that* version!

Jessica Monte said...

So cute. I love the matching orange caps, :-)