Monday, June 7, 2010

Sometimes it just happens

We've come upon that place where reading "just happens". I love it.

You call for Iggy and when he doesn't answer, you look for him and find him

there he is

sucked into a great book.

And you sigh.
Then you look for Ooky.

Found him!

Apparently its a great day to relax with some reading. I think I'll go find a book...


Amanda said...

LOL. This looks really familiar of late. :)

countrynmore said...

Usually when it is quiet, you begin to worry. You have two great boys there.

Ruralmama said...

Three words: Magic Tree House.
Boo is obsessed. It's fab.
Pickle is still learning, but it's coming along. Soon, I think.
It's so good when they can self-entertain by reading, isn't it?