Sunday, June 20, 2010

You do school...year round?

I often get asked if we take a break from "school" for the summer.

Why should we?
There's so much to do!

There are local dairy farms to tour! (They give you funky blue boots to wear so you don't track dirt inside the bottling area...)

There are bugs to catch and identify.

There are creeks to dip into...

...and tadpoles to find.

Things to build

and build

like anemometers and weather vanes (that really work!)

There are wars to fight...

...and battles to win!

Wait, you say. That's not school. That just looks like a whole lotta fun.

I say...why does there have to be such a difference?


Ruralmama said...

It's just like we said today, "We can't even go to the park without having some learning sneak up on us".
So good!

mamak said...

Hell yes!