Monday, February 2, 2009

Blogging: Its not just for homeschooling anymore...

This blog has routinely been where I post my ramblings about our homeschooling journey. I have another blog where I rant about everything else. Chickens, the economy, roofing, coffee, and just about everything in between.

It occurs to me that very often I can't complete homeschooling without coffee, the occasional roof job helps to pay for homeschooling, the economy interrupts my thoughts about homeschooling, and chickens...well, when they arrive, they'll just fit right into homeschooling.

My point is that in real life, Life and Homeschooling aren't seperated. In fact, they are very much one in the same. I have thought all too often about something to write in one blog and then said "Wait. That really should be in the other blog...but wait..." Which means that I overthink things way too much and pretend I have way more time on my hands than I really do. Therefore, for the sake of the sanity of everyone involved, I'm hacking my computer life down to one blog. Wakeupstartlearning, dear friends, is the one I chose to keep. Keep in mind that not all posts will directly relate to homeschooling...but they will all relate to Life...which is the greatest way to learn. So all in all, we're good. Right?


Kristen said...

Oh, good for you. I was trying to maintain a baking blog in addition to my other two blogs when it occurred to me that I could post about baking on my frugal blog! I'm much happier now.

I do still have two blogs(my frugal one and my photography one), but my photography blog is very low-key. It has hardly any readers and I only post when I feel like it. :p

Sarah said...

I'm just glad that you're still blogging, unlike some people (heh heh heh).

We need to catch up someday, ma'am!