Monday, February 2, 2009

A field the doctor?

Today was a big step out of The Comfortable Cave and into Everyone Else's World as we took Iggy to his doctor's appointment. It was kind of comical, actually. Iggy thought it was a wicked cool field trip, totally stoked that he got to go alone without his brother. "Mom, I LOVE the doctor's office." Um...ok.

I should explain that we found out today that Iggy has not been to the doctor since July of 2006. No wonder he thinks the doctor is cool.

It was relatively painless, for me and the Iggster. There was the obligatory jab about not vaccinating (from a nurse, not the doctor) and the innocent comments where Iggy got a bit of the deer in the headlights look, such as "Wow! You must be the tallest boy in your class!" to which the darling replied " and my brother are homeschooled" to which the gracious doctor replied..."Well, see? You ARE the tallest boy in your class." All in all we survived. The doctor decided Iggy has bronchitis and assumes it must be bacterial since we are on day 12 of fighting it. She also said his lungs were pretty "wheezy", which I hadn't heard, but I guess I'm not wicked talented with a stethescope, so she put him on a low dose steroid. I will bypass the part here where I rant about mainstream medicine, mostly because somewhere in the back of my mind I realize I should probably shutup since I have a child who has not had a doctor's appointment prior to today for 2 1/2 years. That's pretty lucky. So if we can get by on our crazy whackjob lifestyle of alternative this and that, its probably no crime in the bylaws of the family if an occasional antibiotic finds its way in.

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Sarah said...

Sorry I've been lacking in the catching-up department lately. We've also had the crud here and are just finally poking our head out to see that it's....February!?! Ugh.

Glad that the doctor's visit went well. Also glad that your little "big" guy is also getting better.

You may have noticed that I've quit blogging. I just didn't feel like it anymore...I know that sounds like a lame excuse, but it's a true one. I hope that you're still enjoying it, 'cause it's nice to see what you guys are up to!
Take care!