Monday, September 21, 2009

first day

Look at us.
It's the first day of co-op. In the morning. Before we left.

What you probably can't tell in the picture is that Iggy still wasn't quite sure he was on board with the whole co-op thing. In fact, a few days earlier, after leaving co-op "orientation", he flat out told me "I'll be doing something else on Monday, because I am NOT going to co-op".

What you can't tell from that picture is I didn't sleep much the night before. Between trying to remember what I was supposed to bringing to co-op, finishing up last minute things on the poetry class I was teaching, wondering what my first hour wildlife biology class kids would be, and crossing my fingers really tightly that Iggy wouldn't hide in the corner somewhere to rock himself right into his happy place...

Well, and then there was the fact that I was just a wee bit excited.

Excited to teach 9 year olds about wildlife biology. Because I love wildlife. I love biology. And I don't have 9 year olds.
Excited to dip candles like they did in medieval times, because really...its pretty cool.
Excited to teach the upper grade kids about writing poetry. Because I like to write. Words are like candy. And hearing what older kids have to say about life is pretty dang inspiring.

But also excited that the boys were going to be exploring life separately. Homeschooled life together for two boys a year apart in age, lovely as it is in some areas, is downright difficult in others. (And yes, I know. Siblings always relate to each other in especially lovely ways. They are wired to drive each other nuts. But for whatever reason, those relational specialities have gotten out of control at our house. Blown right past annoying and arrived, full throttle, at absolutely wrong.

Time apart is good. For everyone involved. Time apart equals growth for two boys...and a little breathing room for their mother.

So yes, I was excited for co-op to start.

So it started.
It was great.
Actually, it totally kicked ass.

The co-op earned itself two goofy grins and giant thumbs up from Iggy and Ooky, with Iggy's additional compliment of "Mom, is there anyway we can make the week go faster so next Monday can be here right now?"

Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have a winner!


slim pickins said...

I'm so happy for you!! What a great feeling, to find a good fit for not one, not two, but three people! yowza. looking forward to hearing more...

Anonymous said...

Well, I give that a big ole': "whoo-hoo". Congrats on a successful venture!!

Stephanie said...

Glad you had a happy time of it!

Ruralmama said...