Sunday, September 6, 2009

A gift for "back to school"

People, in casual conversation the past week, have asked aren't you excited your kids are going back to school in a few days?

smile, sigh.

Iggy told me the other day "Mom, we don't really go back to school. I guess in a way, we never leave school. You know, because we're always learning."

smile, sigh.

But there is something about September. Something about those back to school sales, the air, the season, the I-don't-know-what, that make this time of year seem a little more exciting for me. Even as whatever-kind-of-homeschooler-I'm-classified-as...dang, I still kinda like the "newness" that comes along with September.

So even though we don't do any official "back to school" big hurrah, and even though the only thing different about our September 8th from our September 7th will be that we can once again visit the library without fighting the crowds...I kinda feel like I got a back to school present.

It came yesterday from a family member who stumbled upon my blog (by way of Facebook) and sent me a little note (by way of email).
It totally made my day.
Go ahead, grab a big spoon and dig in...I'll share :)

I just wanted to say thank you. I have spent a good deal of the morning reading your blog. I have to admit, when I heard you were homeschooling the boys I kind of wondered how that would work out. But I have to admit your more "unconventional" way of teaching (as some would say) seems to me to be a better alternative than the herding of kids through school we have now. You have your teachings geared to what they are excited about and they wind up learning more because they want to learn and read. (...She then talks about some issues she's having with her high school aged daughter...)So again, I say thank you for teaching me that the road of the masses is not always the best route to take. Sometimes a little "off-roading" is much more enjoyable!

How sweet is that?

Happy Back to School, whatever that happens to mean for you and your family.


Stephanie said...

It could be that I get most excited about all those new crayons and markers.

Anonymous said...

Better than a new Trapper Keeper! (Did I just give away my age there??)

mamak said...

That is a sweet reminder. And back to school time is exciting for a lot of reasons!

Green Mamma said...

What a great message. It feels good when family is supportive; we experienced something similar with my mother-in-law after she experienced our baby's homebirth. She now thinks we made a great choice (she was there, :-)). Anyway, happy learning to you and your boys this fall.

Jennifer said...

Wow! That almost brought me to tears. I know how much you struggle with the negative opinions of others and I'm sure it's great to have family that's supportive and "on your side". Everyone who knows you and knows what you do each day with your boys, knows that they are well educated and SO LOVED! I say, invite all the haters over for a day to get educated with Mamatea! I guarantee they'll leave with a new vision of what homeschooling can be. You and I do it quite a bit differently, but we still get the same result. It just shows that there are always different ways to get to the same goal. Everyone has their own way and we all work hard to get it right for our own families. It's always nice when the rest of the family is either supportive, or minds their own damn business, lol.