Saturday, October 10, 2009

we make it work

Question: What happens on October 3rd, 2009 in Minnesota?
Answer. Well, many things I'm sure. But for the sake of this blog post, October 3rd is the opening of duck hunting. And also, oddly enough, the day MamaTea's family decided to attend the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.

Well, some of us.

Hubster was definitely hunting. Besides the fact that hunting is his thing...the Ren Fest is definitely NOT his thing. He's just not much for being heckled by strangers. Perhaps it has something to do with being a cop.

Oh well, we make it work.

My mother, fully costumed in purple, attended with me. My father, like, my husband, was sticking with hunting.

But that's ok. They made it work.

My two sweet darlings, Iggy and Ooky were also costumed and ready to go, our costumes compliments of RuralMama and her billion totes of Ren Fest garb...but somehow, Iggy ended up that morning in something not very renaissancy... almost looked like he was going...(gasp)...hunting???

We made it work.

We made it work, it all worked out. Iggy had a fantastic time with the big guys and their duck hunting day. Ooky had an equally fatabulous time protecting his mom and grandma with his cardboard sword.

MamaTea even got to mess around with a real sword.

It was neat to see Ooky do his own thing. He had a great time being heckled. He lives for drama, and playing the part of a Ren Fest boy was right up his alley. He talked about the great time he had into the wee hours of the night.

It was also cool to hear about Iggy doing his own thing. The day of hunting was totally him, and he got some important time with his dad and grandpa. There were many entertaining tidbits that were shared with me by Hubster and my Dad long after the two kids were in bed. Somehow, Iggy just seemed a wee bit older after that hunting trip.

The day went really nothing like planned.
But it was perfect, nonetheless.
Funny how that happens, ain't it?


Anonymous said...

Hunting and Renaissance Festivals. Now THAT'S a combo, if I ever heard of one. You look LOVELY in your garb, there, m'lady!

Ruralmama said...

It was a darned fun day, even in the cold rain (brrrrrrr)!

Glad you made it work--glad you enjoyed some hot mead!

Glad that hubster (wink) liked the costume.......

Anonymous said...

Love this post. I sometimes think that homeschooling is all about making it work, and doing it together. When we choose to spend so much of our lives together, we have to find a way to ride the ebb and flow of what each day brings, I think.

Green Mamma said...

Looks like fun, :-) Glad you all worked out the details of the day. I love your costumes, :-)

mamak said...

I love Ren fests! and duck dinners! And hot mead! Sounds like ti worked alright.