Friday, January 15, 2010

The magic of little boys

Sometimes its amazing what things can turn into. Other times, its downright magical.

Little pieces of paper, when correctly folded, will turn into pyramids.

And then little boys will draw pictures on them of dead pharaohs...complete with "blood from when they were killed"...just because they are boys.

Sugar cubes, when stacked in the right mathematical order, will form a lovely step pyramid.

And then little boys will ask you 14 times if they can eat the sugar cubes. And then they will ask again. And again.

An old bedsheet, when cut up into strips, will make lovely mummy bandages.

And then, one little boy will ask you "If we are making mummies of our dolls, does that mean we get to cut the dolls open and pull out their guts to put in canopic jars?"

And then the other little boy will ask, "Yeah...can we pull out their brains through their noses with a hook?"

Legos, when stacked on top of a mummified doll, will make perfect Egyptian amulets (good luck charms).

And then, little boys will tell you the legos they chose to be amulets were "special". And what they mean by special is not "good luck charm" special, but "that's the one piece I wanted play with after school today" special.

But they won't tell you this until the amulets are wrapped up under the final layer of linen, and the mummies are resting comfortably.

Little boys, when Mom remembers not to take herself so seriously, are absolutely perfect. ;)


Phyllis said...

Yes, it is a boy-type thing, isn't it? We mummified oranges and potatos and the whole bit, too. Lots of fun.
Keep up the good work/fun!

Anonymous said...

Could have been an absolute mirror image of our study on Egypt years heading down memory lane. So fun!!! Thanks heavens for little boys!!!

mamak said...

So fun, isn't it all?

Kez said...

I found your blog via On Bradstreet. Boys certainly make you look at things in a different light, don't they?!