Saturday, January 9, 2010

Um...yep, I planned it that way

Maybe it was just a strange coincidence, but our current dive into the study of Ancient Egypt came exactly 24 hours after the boys became obsessed with a certain Indiana Jones Lego Wii game.

I'd been considering a trip through Ancient Egypt for quite some time. I mean, nothing says boyish fun like removing organs from dead pharaohs or the how'd they do it mystery of building the pyramids. So I'd picked up some books along the way and was writing it into our plan of fun.

About the same time, a sweet Ooky, with his own saved up money, bought an Indiana Jones Lego Wii game. Why? Not because he knew anything about Indiana Jones. Nope, it was for the sheer delight of kickin' some brick in another Lego Wii game.

Note: If you're not a fan of Indiana Jones, you're not seeing how this is related. Just wait.

When we sat down for some schoolish delight the beginning of January and I brought them into the world of Ancient Egypt, they went wacky silly crazy and I thought "Wow...what a love of learning these kids have." That was, of course, until I heard shouts of Mom!! That's where Indiana Jones takes place. Egypt!! That's where the game is! We play the game in Egypt! That's what he's exploring!! This will be so awesome!! Thank you, Mom!

Now you might think that's kinda funny, but the really funny part is that MamaTea, who was two years old when the original Indiana Jones movie came out, and who has not played Indiana Jones Lego Wii...said "Egypt? No...I think you're mistaken."

Yeah. Laugh your pants off, people. Because after I was told to watch the boys play the Wii game and had to sit down and watch the original Indiana Jones movie...well, lookee there. Egypt.

So now the boys think I planned this all out. You know, the all of a sudden obsession with Indiana Jones...and Mom all of a sudden breaking out the cool Ancient Egypt stuff.

Maybe I'll just let them think that they are right.... ;)

Here's just a (very) few of the things we've been working on. More to come....

Playing a game of Egyptian checkers

Carving a scarab beetle out of soap

Iggy's finished product

Iggy and Ooky's timelines of their life
(to help understand the timelines we look at for our studies of Ancients)


mamak said...

LOVE the soap carving idea! I too, adore when all the things in the world show us that they are truly connected in some weird way!

Diane said...

I have been following your blog for a while and enjoying it. I am hosting an art giveaway that you might find interesting. Stop by and take a look when you have a chance.

Crunchy Christian Mom said...

So funny about the Indiana Jones game! We have that one for the 360, and I'd completely forgotten it was in Egypt, too. Silly mama. We've been doing some Egypt, but I'm afraid I've been too lazy to do much hands on. Or else, I didn't have great ideas? OH! We did mummify each other with toilet paper! I keep forgetting to post that one! Can't wait to see your other ideas! We'll be finished in Egypt in the next couple of weeks -- I want to get to Ancient Greece in time for the Olympics. :)

Sherry said...

Two big thumbs up for Mom and her awesome planning! ;)