Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hopefully, there was no "education" involved...

Last night I was getting things ready for church today. We make it a Saturday night process so Sunday morning isn't so rushed. (We drive 45 minutes to church, so we like to get as much ready the night before as we can.) So there I was last night, getting things ready to sub in the high school Sunday school class, putting together my books and papers, figuring out if there is anything clean to know, important things like that.

I turn on the light to try on what I found that was clean and realize the light is burnt out. So I'm dressing by the light of the stairway. Not a big deal though, all I needed to know was were the pants (which I'd never worn) going to zip, and was the shirt (also new to me from a garage sale) going to fall to an appropriate place on the pants. (Shirts that reveal your belly are only cute on two year olds.) I quick glance in the not well lit mirror and decide the outfit is a go, take it off, get into bed. Done deal.

We go to church today, all is well. The boys and I meet Grandma and Grandpa after church for coffee and ice cream (their treat) and I quick run into the bathroom. Inside, there is a lovely large mirror that is well lit. Which reveals to me that if you turn just so, the lovely black shirt I had been wearing all through church is, in fact see-through. Well, not obnoxiously so. But really. If you turned just so, I'm pretty sure it was obvious I had stretch marks.

Hmmm. So now I'm wondering why no one said anything. Am I being paranoid? Was my shirt clung in just the right places so as NOT to be see-through and no one noticed? Or was it obvious and everyone is just thinking I'm some completely inappropriate freak mother?

I'm all for learning from life, but hopefully there was no education going on from my wardrobe malfunction :(

Its a good thing God is so forgiving. I can only hope all the mothers of the young bucks at church will be as well. :)

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Ruralmama said...

OMG! You poor girl!

I'm sure those "young bucks" were pretty impressed. You iconoclast! :-)