Friday, April 24, 2009

Sun and Dirt = Happy Girl

I hate winter. That's been mentioned before.

This time of year, however, is perfect. You can smell the dirt. You can walk barefoot in the grass. You put the new-to-you (but previously used) clothesline into the ground and watch all the clothes whip around in the million-mile-an-hour wind...which is exactly what we did yesterday. It was fantastic. Nothing will lift your spirits like a sunny day and the smell of dirt.

Call me weird.

Life has heavily revolved around Earthy things lately (with Earth Day, weather, and Arbor Day...which is today) and its been fun to see how the boys learn and apply. And question. Yesterday when we were hanging clothes, Iggy mentioned that by not using the dryer, we were saving electricity. I agreed. He then wanted to know how we could wash the clothes without going inside. Without skipping a beat, he answers his own question by pointing to the creek that runs through the backyard. So apparently he thinks we are doing a load of wash in the creek sometime soon. "You know, like in the old days, Mom." He did suggest that if the creek wasn't an option (seeing as how there's a ton of algae), that we could warm a big pot of water over the fire and wash them that way.

Aw, my little pioneer. He's got it all planned out!

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Ruralmama said...

I'm so glad to see you back and bloggin'!

We have been incrementally outdoors more every day since the last of the snow disappeared. Yay Spring!