Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yes, they know how to read.

There is no proof in this post that my children can read or add or know whether or not Minnesota is state (yes, to all of the above, for those who care). But here's a great day at school, Iggy, Ooky, and MamaTea style (note: pictures taken over the span of a few days.)

We grab ice cream or a big cup o' joe at the local coffee shop.

We work on more deadfall shelter in the back woods.

We may use our deadfall shelter to enjoy a snack of scrambled eggs eaten out of a tin foil bowl.

Then hanging out with Skippy, the Canadian goose who lives in our backyard and will do just about anything for mini marshmallows.

Time at the community center (which has awesome totally wicked cool homeschool activities and classes) is always a big winner!

And visiting Grandma while she recovers from surgery, and steering her wheelchair to her dinner. And not bumping her into the wall too many times.

All in all, a grand day in "school". :)


Ruralmama said...

Cool day! It's funny how you'll look back and think about how many "non-schooly" activities you do and yet they still learn regardless! Amazing how they do that. :-\

MamaTea said...

It IS amazing. Now if I could just keep focused on that...

Sadie said...

Love the goose! We've had a lot of non-school like days lately....and we are doing fine...