Friday, May 1, 2009

Bad Guys and Chemicals

It was one of those days when I felt really very, well...not smart.

While leaving a building with a sign posted for handgun conceal/carry:
Ooky (age 5): What does that sign say?
MamaTea: It says "this place bans guns on its premises".
Ooky: What about cops?
MT: Well, I guess they could have them.
Ooky: So who are they talking about?
MT: Well, adults can go take a class and get a piece of paper that tells everyone they have a license to carry a gun with them.
Ooky: And?
MT: So that sign is saying even if you have that piece of paper, you can't bring a gun into that building.
Ooky: Why?
MT: Well, they don't want people having guns in certain places because...well, you know. They don't want anything bad to happen. Any accidents.
Ooky: But mom, the bad guys wouldn't pay attention to that sign anyway. Because they are bad guys. So the guns will still be in there anyway.
MT: Um. Well, yes. You're probably right.

And here is my equally as unintelligent moment with Iggy, age 6.

Iggy: (screaming in the door from outside) Mom! Isn't everything in the world from nature?
MT: What do you mean?
Iggy: Like, stuff. You would have to get the parts to make stuff from nature.
MT: Well, not always. What about the chemicals and things that scientists create? What about all those new and different things they come up with everyday?
Iggy: (looking at me like I'm stupid): Mom. They had to start with something. And things start in the earth. Even if it turns into something unnatural and bad for the earth, it had to start with something. I mean, you can't just make something from nothing. (He exits quite annoyed with his mother.)

Its a good thing my kids are comfortable with the knowledge that I actually don't know a whole heck of a lot about anything they apparently need to know. Google is my friend. Excuse me, I have some research to do. :)


Jennifer said...

Looks like you've got a couple of smart cookies on your hands :o)
We'll have to meet you at the pool sometime :o)

Ruralmama said...

I read this whole post aloud to my husband's family on Saturday (via my phone) and they enjoyed your moment of "huh?"

That whole "put up a placard to stop people from LEGALLY bringing a gun into your premises" thing is a little odd, isn't it?