Friday, May 22, 2009

So what. Big deal.

What exactly is a big deal to MamaTea?

1. When you find your six year old sitting in the doorway of the barn with book he found and just can't put down. And he's reading you facts from it. Just cuz' he wants to. How did this happen?

2. When your family can stop on the arch bridge in the backyard to watch a fearless painted turtle for as long as you want...just because you can. That the kids can ask as many questions as they want about that turtle. Because you have nothing else you absolutely have to be doing at that time.

3. When your husband, in a maybe sort of heated phone conversation with his mom, in response to her ramblings about how MamaTea should probably go out and get a job that would allow her to be home with the kids when they get off the bus when we get around to putting them in public school...Hubster flat out says to his Mama "But we don't plan on putting them in public school."

I should clarify #3. I have a sneaking suspicion that those who appear to be tolerant of our choice to homeschool on the Hubster's side of the family were doing so because they figured when we are able to move back to the area we once lived in, we'd plop the kids "back in school". As in, our decision to homeschool was only a quick fix bandaid way to deal with temporaraily being out of the district we had always intended to live in. Which wasn't the case. And I know that. And I figured he felt that too. But just to hear the Love of My Life say it out loud. To his Mom. Um, wow.

Yep, that's a big deal.


Jennifer said...

Cool Cool! Awesome about the reading. I love it when my kids are excited about reading.
Even more cool about the hubby! Mine is also big on homeschooling the kids, so it's nice to not have to feel alone in that.
I find it so strange that your inlaws aren't more supportive. You're an awesome Mom and your kids are quite the little smarties so I don't get it. Must just be the "go with the flow" that some people get stuck in. I also find a lot of people have the "different is bad" attitude. Unless, of course, it was THEIR idea, lol!

MamaLou said...

My hubby always goes "uh huh" when I yak at him about our schooling choices and it's only when I hear him explaining our philosophy to others to I realize maybe he's not hearing "WAH WAH WAH" when I talk.....COOLNESS on the books! I'm a bookaholic myself and love it when there's no time to read before bed (late night, baseball game etc) and the three year old wails "BUT I WAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNTTTTTTTTTT to read a book....." Needless to say I do
My mother also harbours notsowellhidden anti homeschooling opinions and hopes we give up and put them in school......sigh

mamak said...

Awesome on all fronts, especially of the clarification from DH to Grandma, woot!

Ruralmama said...

When you were telling me about the conversation with grandma yesterday I was just shaking my head and I'm still doing it. Good for him (of course, you WOULD make an excellent dishwasher-smirk).

Isn't it just lovely when the kids just plop down somewhere with a book and really enjoy it? It's like, "where did this come from?". Joy. Pure joy.
I love the picture of the turtles--we need to get ourselves to the canoe access one of these days!