Saturday, May 16, 2009

Of eggs and lucky charms

Every so often, someone ends up asking "So. Why did you decide to homeschool."

It could be a fellow homeschooler trying to figure out if we're on the same path. It could be a distant relative wondering just how far down the road of freakiness I'm planning to go. Or it could be someone else with a totally different motive. Anyhow, I got around to thinking I should have an answer for the question. Here's what I came up with.

Simple answer: Because. We did.

Unfortunately that doesn't usually work. People think I'm overtired or crabby or anti-social and don't want to talk about it. But really, for me, at this point, that's the simple answer.

I know. You're waiting for the more involved answer. Something heady. Something really amazing.

Here's my best shot:

There are homeschoolers who will answer because God told me to. There are homeschoolers who will say I'm tired of the government interfering in everything. There are even a few homeschoolers who will say my children are far too genius to bother themselves with public school nonsense. But for me, (and I think a whole bunch of us), we really aren't that sure. Or maybe we started with a specific reason, got into it, and broadened our reasons. Or changed them completely. Or maybe we don't even know why. We just wanted to. It worked for our family, and that was enough. To some people, it was as simple as having made the decision to have eggs for breakfast. It was an option that looked good. So I chose it.

I realize I will get blasted and slammed for that. As if I didn't put any thought into my children's educational future. (I obviously did. Ask my gem of a husband.)What I mean to say is I didn't stand in the breakfast nook freaking out about whether to have lucky charms, toast, oatmeal, or eggs. I like eggs. For a whole bunch of reasons which probably aren't important to anyone but me. So I chose eggs. If you like lucky charms better, good for you! I am not going to try and convince you that you should have chosen eggs. Let's face it. Lucky Charms are tasty - especially on top of ice cream. But I chose eggs. I find them tasty.

Perhaps we can make a deal? If you promise not to tell me that I'm killing my kids by choosing eggs with their supposed high cholesterol, I promise that I won't bug you about the sugar content in Lucky Charms. :)


s t a c y said...

I love this! (I just found your blog via GrowingNaturally.)

I find myself in the same place... sometimes I just don't want to talk about it. Who wants to hear about all that stuff that went on (goes on) inside me? Especially because there is no flip side. I have never once asked anyone I know why they "chose" school. LOL!

Love it. I just love this post!!


Ruralmama said...

Sometimes it seems like the reasons are multitudinous and others it seems like it boils down to one reason, but regardless I prefer the concept of "to each his own" than " to each his own, but vocally and aggressively".

Loved it.

Vicki said...

I think you are amazing to have just known the right course for your kids. =) I didn't and my son suffered for it. We came to unschooling after everything else failed and sapped the joy from my little boy's life.

Had I have been braver or more insightful, or even realized I had the options it turns out we have, I might have saved him a few years of torture from the school system.

Peace and laughter!


mamak said...

I loved this description. I struggle when people ask me because it's not that I could not list reasons, it's just that it works for us and my kids are thriving, and all is well. Why Justify? Excellent. I may link this on my blog, because it truly is wonderful!

Alexis said...

Just found you through Stacy at Mama Om, and I love this post! (Thanks for sharing, Stacy!) I think it speaks to so many things we are exploring for our children that happen to fall outside the mainstream habits of thought. We often feel pressured to defend our choices simply because they are consciously different than what most are going along with. I think perhaps the aggression that sometimes accompanies the questioning reflects that person's inner uneasiness at having gone along with the flow and not examined the choices more carefully, themselves.

I also think this is probably a natural progression that we'll move through, and as more people sit easily in their decision, like you expressed in this post,without defensiveness,others will feel safe to question themselves as well.


Stefanie said...

I found you from Mama Om as well, and I am so happy that I did. Brilliant analogy and excellent attitude!