Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Change is (usually) good

Wait! Don't go! You're at the right place. It wasn't a broken link or a computer glitch. This is Wake Up Start Learning. Change is (usually) good. A little color does wonders. You know how some people change the colors in their living room or kitchen every couple years, so as to fit in with the latest trend in the magazines? I'm not quite that ambitious. Or rich. I just change the colors in my blog :)

Change is also sometimes not so good, though. I'm referring to the change when your sweet darlings, now ages 5 and 6, are old enough and smart enough and...well, conniving enough, to realize that any amount of time spent out of mom's sight is time to try out something that in most cases will probably result in death or dismemberment. Iggy and Ooky have always been fine to hang out in the backyard without me watching their every move. I could throw a couple loaves of bread together knowing they were sweetly playing outside. (Ok. They might tussle, they might terrorize a bug they find, but all in all it was pretty ok.)

Alas, things are different now. The change has happened. The boys are growing up.

Yesterday, while I ran in to the house for something, I look out the back window and find the sweetums scaling the dog kennel. A dog kennel that probably shouldn't be scaled. Not long after that, while left unattended, they find a three foot rusty metal tube (with tetnus shot written all over it...) and are trying to pound it into the ground with croquet mallet. They lost a ball they were kicking and just decided to "step" into the creek to get it.

Um, hi. I'm the mom. Who exactly are you, and what have you done with my kids?

Maybe its the sun. Maybe its being outside now 97 hours a day. Maybe its a summery need for more boysish independence. I don't know. My mother did ever-so-sweetly remind me, however, that I said boys would be easier to raise than girls.

Thanks, mom.

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Ruralmama said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha!

OK, Iggy and Ooky coupled with Boo and Pickle....dangerous combination. Check.

I think it's the weather. Even though we try to get out when it's cold and nasty it's so much more fun right now for us Minnesotans.

Pickle and Boo also were doing dangerous things with croquet mallets it coincidence?