Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One of the few times I like to be fenced in...

...is when we're talking vegetable garden time. We put in a second garden this year (which we fondly refer to as the "bottom garden" because it sits lower in the yard than the other one) and before we could plant it, we needed to fence it.

However, I'm cheap. Frugal. Thrifty. Iggy says we are "good for the earth". Whatever you want to call it, I was not spending (alot of) money on this project.

So, my gem of a Hubster reminds me of all the deadfall in the back 13, meets me in the yard with his chainsaw, and beckons me to the woods. Sweeter words were never spoken.

We decide to locate the right chunks of dead logs, cut them into fence length pieces, and haul them back (over two arch bridges) to the yard. Who needs a gym??

Ooky and Iggy showing off their mad skills:

Some logs become fence posts, some are rails. A few special pieces are reserved for a fancy gate. Here is the work in progress:

Here is the awesome gate my husband built. (Barn hinges found in the garage, so we didn't even have to buy those!)

Ain't she lovely?

So at first we sort of kind of crossed our fingers and thought it was going to work. I mean, dang...its a lovely fence. And free! But the next night...

One of the several families of geese (babies, mom and dad)that hang out here were frolicking in the garden. I had to laugh. Ok, so somewhere in the back of my mind, we knew we'd have to find some chickenwire and tack it along the bottom of the rail fence, so as not to let the little critters just walk on in. I had just really crossed my fingers that the little critters would behave more and stay out.

Then again, if they would just behave, we wouldn't have needed the fence in the first place :)

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Sadie said...

I love the fence!! It's something I would love to build- the boys too- maybe one day when we get the acreage we want...