Thursday, May 21, 2009

Real Life Math (Fenced in, Part 2)

Remember the chicken wire issue from a couple posts ago? Here's a word problem:

MamaTea needs 75 feet of chicken wire for her bottom garden, so as to deter the geese from sneaking in. It needs to be at least 14 inches high so it can be attached to the first rail of the fence. And it needs to not take every last bit of her pocketbook, since groceries are always nice to have before the garden starts earning its keep.

In the absence of free/reuseable chicken wire, MamaTea finds the store that sells it cheapest. 24 inch tall x 25 feet long sections for $14.99. Iggy and Ookster point out the 36 inch tall x 50 foot sections that are $24.99.

Here is the question. How does MamaTea get more than 75 feet of fencing for $25?

Give up?

You buy the 36 inch tall x 50 foot section. You cut it in half at 25 feet, and you cut both 25 feet sections in half the long way (at 18 inches tall) we are demonstrating in the picture above. And there you have it: 100 feet of 18 inch high fencing for $25. Thanks to Dad for assisting me (who happened to walk through the yard at the wrong time) with the tangly mess.

And there you have it. Another example of real life math :) Hubster says the fence looks even more redneck now. Aww...ain't that sweet?


Ruralmama said...

What a fabulous compliment! You're hubster probably got a whacking big kiss for that one. ;-)

Truly an admirable job on the fence, chica. You take the cake (it's carrot cake, by the way).

Jennifer said...

FABULOUS! You and I are so alike! Redneck all the way baby :o)
We need our fence taller to keep the deer out and since we can't afford to do the whole thing over, I told hubby to get 4 really long, cheap, somethings to put on the 4 corners, and then I'm going to take rope/twine and go around and around, all the way to the top. Function ranks WAY above beauty for me :o)