Sunday, May 24, 2009

A little bit "off"

I've been described (affectionately) as being a bit of a whackjob. I don't take offense. Our family operates in a system of living that is a bit, well...."off".

That's why when our recent library trip found us the Everything Kid's Gross cookbook, we knew it was for us.

The boys devoured the book, looking for some gross recipies they could try out on the family. Their favorite thus far is "Spitwad Sandwiches" (a peanut butter and mini-marshmallow sandiwch).

Another favorite is called "Poop in a Scoop" (a toasted hot dog bun with a banana inside, slathered with peanut butter and topped with chocolate chips or raisins).

This whackjob mama thinks its a funny book, and the boys love it, too. There's even some non-cooking activities in there, like crosswords, mazes, and rhyming games. Its neat because while my boys have always liked to cook and have a lot of experience in the kitchen, there is something way boyishly cool about making spaghetti and meatballs, but calling it "Tapeworms and Hairballs".

Of course, now everything we cook or bake has to have an alias. Last night we cut up tomatoes for the hamburgers we were making over the campfire, and the boys entertained us with the millions of other gross things the tomatoes could be known as.

Ah, boys.


mamak said...

Ooh! Poop in a scoop looks really yummy!

Ruralmama said...

Cool! I gotta find that book up here- the "girls that get dirty" would love it!

We used to make a concoction (put the boys on naming it) that consisted of a graham cracker slathered in PB or just butter with chocolate chips sprinkled on top. Lovingly fattening. Absolutely tasty.