Friday, November 21, 2008

Another pizza for...

Iggy! He finished his November reading goal for his Book It Read-a-thon, and proudly handed over his free personal pizza coupon to a waitress today. His book list for this past month:

Jar Jar's Mistake by Nancy Krulik
All Kinds of Kids by Christina Mia Gardeski
Sheep in a Jeep by Nancy Shaw
Get the Ball, Slim by Marcia Leonard
I Like Mess by Marcia Leonard
Dig, Zig Pig! by Sam Fonte
Kate and Jake by Janis Asad Raabe
I am Lost by Hans Wilhelm
My Messy Room by Mary Packard
Sharks by Ira Wood


We should also mention here, that Ooky, although not officially "old enough" to participate in the Book It Read-a-thon, has certainly done his share of reading. Just this past week, he read the books "Tip", "Gus" and "Max". He's pretty sure that when he reaches his goal, he's going to Kentucky Fried Chicken or Dairy Queen. I, not aware that he even had goals, said we could probably work something out. :)

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