Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gems from their heads

We've been everyone else...celebrating Thanksgiving and all the lovely things that come along with it. But I'd just like to share these two gems from my sweeties heads:

Iggy: Mom, do you know what kind of coffee a mouse drinks?
Me: No, what?
Iggy: A Capp-u-cheese-o (instead of cappuchino). Mom, I just made that up!!!

Ooky (building in the dirt) Mom, come look at this!
Me: That's neat. What is it?
Ooky: A sculpture of a really neat place...its has a bunch of heads carved into it.
Me: (just about to answer Mount Rushmore)

I have never laughed so hard. These kids are good therapy!

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Jennifer said...

Ooh how funny! Gotta love kids! The other day we got on the subject of why not to drink and do drugs because of something they saw on tv. Will says, "Well, I won't drink drugs when I'm a grown up!" lol.