Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Day After

I was a little stressed out Halloween morning because I just knew that Iggy and Ooky were going to wake up as little urchins, horrifically behaved and ridiculously hyper...awaiting that springboard jump into sugar-filled stupidity that generally comes on Halloween.

Instead I got:

We woke up. They ate breakfast. It was a beautiful morning so we played outside for a couple hours before coming in to do the more educational items of our day. We played a word game (draw a letter and let's think of as many Halloween words that start with that letter as we can...) where they could earn a penny for every word they thought of. After that game wore itself out, we made caramel apples and talked about the differences in what happens when you heat or cool something. While the apples were setting, the boys went back outside. I set up the "Halloween store" in the living room, where I had little tiny toys (finger puppets, mini stampers, etc.) and a couple things of candy available for purchase (remember the pennies they earned during the word game?). They came in, did some shopping in the store, ate their caramel apples, and suggested since it was Halloween, wouldn't it be great to shoot arrows into the jack-o-lanterns? Sounds perfect! So that killed another hour or so. We played around in the backyard most the day, they took baths (they were FILTHY), got into their costumes and we went trick-or-treating. Hit four houses and scored plenty of candy, came home for a bonfire supper and a "Halloween Treat Treasure Hunt" in the backyard. It was dark and they used flashlights to find wrapped up items we'd already hidden earlier. We wrapped up some of their favorite food things like bananas, olives, string cheese (that was hidden in the garage fridge!) etc... they were so excited. Did a lot of sky lookin', saw a shooting star...eventually went to bed.

I guess I had no reason to worry :) Pictures coming when remember where I put the camera last night...


Sarah said...

At least you remembered your camera! I have to wait for a girlfriend to send me pictures. Ha ha ha.

Jennifer said...

I'm always amazed at your creativity with your kids. You always have something cool and fun for them to do. Glad you had such a great evening :o)