Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Build, Bowl, Skate

We've been busy here at...whatever our school is called. Thought I'd post a couple pictures of how we've been spending our time.

I read somewhere that boys need to build. Nothing could be more true!
What's cooler than building your own cars to race?

Skating is also pretty cool. Because nothing says "hospital visit" like two boys on wheels.

Bowling is good old-fashioned fun. The operators of the bowling alley love it when the ball launches about five feet before crashing down somewhere in the lane and then bounces its way off the bumpers back and forth ten times. "Honey...roll the ball...don't throw it."

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jbantau said...

Hi, Amy. I think your kiddos would like the website we played with yesterday. We wrote a story with sound effects. The link to the web page is on my blog toward the end of the entry. All three of my kids had a blast with it.