Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Are grave rubbings illegal?

Iggy asked this title question because yesterday, we walked to the cemetary just up the road, there were two cops driving around. We did some gravestone rubbings and got into a lovely conversation about disease outbreaks (brought on by the fact there were several really old graves of little kids who died within months of each other). For a good chunk of the time, these two cops drove around, and Iggy was sure they were watching us and that we were doing something wrong. I told Iggy I was pretty sure there was nothing wrong with what we were doing...and said if the cops stopped we would be just fine. I am pretty sure he couldn't breathe after that until the cops left the area. This, from the kid of a cop? I don't get it.

Anyhow, yesterday was also a nature walk in the back 13 acres to try and find the monster buck we spotted with the binoculars earlier that morning. Hubster helped us find some of his tracks. We never found the deer (hard to do with an extremely loud Ooky in the group) but we will certainly look for him again in the binoculars.

Today was gym day with our homeschooling group, and the boys had fun playing with their friends.

At home we learned more about Obama, and I was asked to explain electoral votes (by Iggy). I stumbled. I did my best...but seriously. Most adults I know can't offer a coherant explanation of why and how that all works. Especially to a five year old who then says "well, isn't it supposed to be up to the people? why do we need electoral votes?" My thoughts exactly.

Iggy read a Star Wars book today that I didn't think he'd get through, but he did. Ooky worked on short vowels, but was pretty sure that the piano/keyboard looked way more interesting. We all worked more on coins, and then played around with the piano/keyboard. They told me they were playing scary wedding music. Hmmmm....

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Jennifer said...

I'm with Iggy on the electoral votes. They shouldn't exist.
Thanks for the great pic! I'll have to show W in the morning :o)