Saturday, August 29, 2009

a good ol' time

Note: We've not been around much lately...we've been out and about having a good ol' time all over the state. I love those last minute, drop of the hat adventures that we like to make a habit of. I'm working on giving you all the details, loading all the pictures...but just about the time I get everything all set up to post...we leave again. My apologies. Just know we are out having fun. And eventually, you will hear about it!


I think I was meant to live about a hundred years ago. Perhaps a hundred and fifty. Don't get me wrong - I love how convenient the internet is and the massive amount of world and life it opens up for me, but I would give it up in a second to move out to the absolute outskirts of civilization.


A couple weekends ago, the boys and I got to mess around with some old fashioned fun. The boys had to remind me after some time that we couldn't stay all day at either of these venues. They actually close. And people get out of costume and go home to technologically advanced houses that have indoor plumbing and electricity and (gasp)high speed internet.

The first day was the Threshing Show. Dangit, I'm probably revealing just how redneck and old school I really am...but I think tractors are so cool.

I don't know a thing about the mechanics of them, but they're still really awesome. For some reason.
The older, the better.

At the threshing show, they also have a household set up as it would have been a hundred or so years ago.

I asked them if I could move in. The politely refused my offer. I stopped asking when they threatened to call security. (Ok, I'm kidding.)

I had oxtail soup and Ooky entertained himself with washing clothes.

Divine. Absolutely divine.

A couple days later, we went to Pioneer Park . Partly because the whole place is set up like an entire town from 100+years ago (using actual buildings from Minnesota that were either moved there or reconstructed)...

One room schoolhouse

Funeral parlor (one of only 14 historical funeral parlors in the whole country!)

Drug Store

(There are a million more pictures of a million more historical buildings, but I've found blogger gets pretty crabby with me if I post a lot of pictures. If you have the chance, you should definitely visit this place!)

We also went to Pioneer Park that day because they were having their annual fiddler competition. And seriously, fiddlers are even cooler than tractors. Did you know bluegrass is at the top of my list?

Fiddler "jam session" at the end of the competition.

We sat there in the shade of the giant oak tree listening to the fiddlers.
It was absolutely gorgeous.
The tree, the music...the freedom to just be there, doing what we do.


Ruralmama said...

Beautiful; I love that sort of adventure.

Speaking of funeral homes, are you folks related to the, you know--"Insert your last name here" funeral home up in this area? I keep seeing the signs when we go west of here and it always gets me wondering...

We're getting together soon, right? RIGHT? :-)

topsytechie said...

I love those kinds of adventures!! And I always go away wishing I lived back "in the day." But then I come home and turn on the dishwasher and realize I'm just kidding myself. And I've NEVER seen a historic funeral home. That would be a true education! Keep on having fun...we blog buddies will wait!

Green Mamma said...

Like you, I feel like I should have lived a long time ago . . . and like you, I agree that there is so much to be enjoyed (in balance) in the current day and age.

I've been away for the last 2 weeks too (as you likely know, :-) ), so I'll have to do some catching up over here.