Sunday, August 2, 2009

mud. sawdust. perfect.

Some day we laze around and soak in the sun.
Yesterday was not one of those days. :)

Iggy grabbed a branch from the woods, a tie down, and all on his own, built a bow.

Our sensitive creek (which hasn't had rain for a couple days and is pretty dry again) needed some exploring. We discovered a pass through from the first creek to the second that shouldn't be there, and is diverting the water in ways it shouldn't be diverted. Which is definitely affecting the water levels. So...

...time to build a dam.

And you can't expect the boys to sit quietly to the side!

They've gotta get in there and pack the mud and guck around our built-for-free dam.

It was a chore to keep our boots on. They were stuck in the muck...

And then stuck on us....

Water diverted, showers were taken. Time to raid Grandpa's scrap wood pile.
Hubster and Ooky shared in a designing "somethin'".

Iggy wanted to do something "different".

We ended up with two tables: Ooky's, which he and Iggy demonstrated was sturdy enough to dance on...

And Iggy's, complete with a swing out cup holder.

The night ended around the campfire, where the boys were able to show off how great their tables worked for holding food, beverages, a mancala game, and other goodies.
Now, that's a good day's work. :)


Ruralmama said...

You guys are so creative. I (heart) you!


Green Mamma said...

So I see your guy is taking up the bow and arrow, :-)

Also, are you guys including any Waldorf Education in your unschooling? Just curious because part of handwork includes woodworking and it looks like that is coming naturally to your guys.

Oh, and it looks like you all are having lots of fun, yay!

topsy-techie said...

Ok, so how much do you think Iggy would take for his table with the slide out cup holder. That is quite handy dandy!!!

Sadie said...

Very cool creations! My boys would love to have free range over a [good] wood pile.

jessamyn said...

oh i adore this!
what fun, creative energy they have.
so beautiful!