Wednesday, August 19, 2009

of bladders and kidneys

Life kinda gets in the way sometimes. Its all those never things, again. Like saying "I will never join facebook."

Oops. I guess I screwed that one up, too.

Other things, I simply wished wouldn't happen. But you don't talk about them because really, they aren't on your radar. So you don't think you have to worry about them. Like sitting in the drivers seat of a car with two insane children who are really excited to go to that perfect ice cream shop that happens to be next to that really awesome park and that really cool sculpture garden...and realizing, a half hour out that you have to turn around. Because you're 372% sure you have a bladder infection.

You can't drive with a bladder infection. You just can't.

Then you explain to the insane children what a bladder infection is. They want to know how you get tested for one of those. You tell them "You have to pee in a cup."

Don't ever tell two young boys about peeing in a cup. Because its probably the funniest thing in the whole world. I mean, really. Hilarious. And they will repeat "pee in a cup" at least five hundred times. Its not funny to you, however, because you are now 412% sure you have a bladder infection. And you're driving. But you can't drive with a bladder infection.

The whole thing turned out to be a learning experience, though. We learned that there is an urgent care really close to the house. We learned that we hate the medication Cipro. Taken without food, it makes you feel completely drunk. Taken with food, you're just tired. Really tired. Bump on a log tired. We learned how bladders and kidneys are related, and that if the medication ain't doing its thing, you will end up with a kidney infection. Which is exactly what happened to MamaTea. We learned that MamaTea is extra crabby when all of this happens, and that when she discovers you have graffitied your name into an inside panel of the minivan, she's bound to freak out. A lot. Even though it totally washed right off.

Gosh, this learning from life is great. And sometimes funny. If you're a five or six year old boy. :)


mamak said...

Oh no! I hate those! Hope you feel better quickly. And peeing in a cup IS mildly amusing.

Stephanie said...

I hope you get over it superfast!
Hope you're not too uncomfortable, too. :/

Kim said...

Oh no, that sounds awful! I've never had one but I can only imagine! I hope you feel better soon, and I have to agree with Kim, peeing in a cup is funny...not just to a young boy, but to a really immature 33 year old as well, lol! But even funnier is peeing in a water bottle...when a 6 year old boy has to pee and theres not a toilet in sight, you gotta improvise! He laughed so hard that it took him forever to be able to pee at all...then tried to trick Dad into having a drink of "apple juice" when we got home.

Ruralmama said...

Sorry sugar, that really sucks.

They gave you Cipro eh, gah! That stuff stinks, stinks, stinks. It feels like you've been sucking up bar pulls all night while listening to cats mating in the alley. Gack!

I surely hope you're doing better today.

Hey! It's super nifty that you joined the maddening crowd on FB--now you get updates like "I'm peeing in a cup, right now"--heh, heh, heh. That was NOT a suggestion.

topsytechie said...

First of all - - the Facebook thing. Run, Run like the wind!!! It's SO addicting! Arrgghh!

I'm with everyone else. Peeing in a cup is pretty darn hilarious. Well, unless you have a bladder infection and it actually HURTS to pee in a cup. Then it isn't funny at all. Nope. Not a bit.

((behind my hand - hee))

s t a c y said...

Well, I might be a five or six year old boy, because I had a big laugh at the end of this post.

Oh, MamaTea! I hope you are feeling all better soon!!

Jennifer said...

Jack had to pee in a cup a few weeks ago and thought that was the coolest thing ever. I must say that it's much easier than with the girls :o)
For a few days afterwards he kept asking for a cup and then grinning at me.
I used to get lots of bladder infections but then I figure, out why I was getting them so I don't so much anymore more. But, when I did, I used to carry those Uristat or AZO pills around in my purse. That way you can just eat one quick and then as soon as your first pee, the pain is gone, until you can make it to the Dr.
TMI here :o) In case you were wondering, I was getting them because I wasn't going potty after rolling in the hay :o)