Thursday, October 23, 2008

Boys Who Bake

How cool is that?

Today we read a book called "Animals Nobody Loves" by Seymour Simon and somehow the day morphed into "All About Bats". The boys were pleased to learn that vampire bats don't really attack people, but they will attack cows. Then Iggy and Ooky had to point out to me, after watching Magic Schoolhouse "Going Batty", that vampire bats don't actually suck blood, they just bite and it leaves two blood holes. So then we ended up talking about how sometimes the things that we hear or believe are just stories that have been made up and passed along for so long that people think they are true. Then of course, we had to "make bats" somehow, so we made handprint bats and put them all over Grandma and Grandpa's part of the house.

The boys behavior is still a bit snaggy, but I'm starting to think, from all the blogs that I read, that maybe its just a curse that's going around. Maybe the change in the weather? I don't know what it is, but it seems like the air is just electric lately and the boys are super charged up and fiesty. It seems to be better during the parts of the day when we are structured in some sense. It seems as though for the last couple weeks, they can't handle "go off and see what you can find for yourself"...without it turning into something...well, that it shouldn't. I guess we cycle. We need times of structure and times of none at all. And a lot of in between. Right now seems to be heading into one of those we-need-structure times...which irks me a little, because I personally try so hard not to fall into that. But oh must do what works for the common good. Do you guys/gals find these cycles in your own family, or are you pretty much "the same" all the way through?


Sadie said...

I think we definately go through cycles. And we do need structure. Too much free time makes for very grumpy kids around here.

My 5 yr old is back to screaming back talk, my oldest is not listening while appearning to be very well behaved. Just that time of year I guess...

jbantau said...

We definitely have cycles. Cooperation and harmony one week and emotional upheavals the next. My children were similarly 'super charged' today. It's a waning crescent moon, so they're not turning into werewolves.

Sarah said...

Oh yeah, we've got the major league estrogen merry-go-round around here this week. (sigh) It'll pass. Maybe more structure for us for awhile too.

Awesome pictures!

I need a reverse FB, call me sometime!
haha, my word this time is "tatti" too true!