Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Odd to be vacationing...

1: ...on a weekend when all the other public schoolers will also be vacationing. (Its Minnesota Educators Association Weekend.)
2: ...when we just vacationed a week ago.
3: ...when my kids will probably grow up to have a complex wondering if Mom and Dad have secretly hidden anything in the back of the vehicle that will mean an overnight trip somewhere.

We are once again traveling to the northwoods cabin for a four day vacation. I feel spoiled. I haven't been to the northwoods cabin for two years, and now I go twice in two weeks? I must have done something right to someone. How is it that the schedules just worked out that we could do this as a family...two weeks in a row? (The pessamist side of me says "Just know what they say about paybacks...) Anyhow, we packed up the whole back of the Tahoe in the dark and will wake the kids up tomorrow and tell them its cabin time. It'll be classic.

On a more schooly note, we redeemed the pizza certificate today at lunch time and had a fabulous waitress who made a really big deal about Iggy meeting his goal. That made it even cooler. I also discovered that Iggy suddenly loves wordfinds...which he hated three months ago. The kid can just look at the jumble of letters and pick out the word. He must get that from his Mama. Ooky sat on the other side of the table with Grandma who was writing "secret messages" for him and he was sounding them out. We also worked on writing a Halloween poem, which was hilarious, but its in a notebook that's already packed, so I'll have to share it with you when we return. There was one line that went something like "A witch rides around on her big broomstick and my Grandpa likes to drink beer called Smithwicks." I mean seriously? You can't beat stuff like that!!!

Well, I guess that's it for now. We will be back Sunday night with pictures and stories galore! Enjoy your weekend, fellow homies!

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Sarah said...

Your kids will be l'arnin' all about them thar bears that you got to scare off before going pee and that's priceless information, gal pal 'o mine, priceless.