Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What is the sign for "staying home"?

So today was our staying home and being really productive day. And since it was raining, it was a perfect day to work on "organization" and "sorting" in the boy's bedroom. An hour long project of figuring out where exactly the toys were supposed to opposed to whatever corner, shelf, or bin it had been haphazardly tossed into. Of course there were the joyous cries of "Mom! I thought I lost this!" to which I had to jab "Gee. It's amazing what happens when your stuff is a little less disorganized." Does organization fit under "life skill" in my recordkeeper?

We actually did set some time aside for real academics. Feeling we need the structure right now. It happens every so often. Ooky is working through some word lists right now. Man, can that boy pop through a list of short vowel words...If they are written in upper case. So I've determined that next week we will start doing some uppercase/lowercase matching with Ooky. But he's thinkin' he's pretty cool because he gets some of that one-on-one reading time with Mama, which up until now, has been more of an Iggy thing. Plus, if I pull out the really easy readers (after working on the lower case letters), he might just be able to read the actual books.

Iggy decided a couple days ago that if Ooky was doing word lists, then why should he (Iggy) have to read books? It has to do alot with them being so close in age, but being far enough apart in skills. It would be easier (I think) to say to a nine year old, "These are the books you are reading, your sister is five and therefore, these are the books she is reading." Iggy can remember (in very recent memory) being in the same shoes Ooky is in now. So I keep building him up, saying "But you're five, not four. And you can read these books, and your brother is still learning." Well, he was in a mood and I was in a mood and figured I'd fix his boat and said "Fine. Word lists for you it is." And I made him hard word lists. Well today that little lovely boy finished a word list of "car parts" - complete with words like transmission and radiator and steering wheel and axle and other gems. Which gives me just a little insight into what he actually can read. So then I think, do we get out the harder books? Or is that just going to frustrate him? Do I just keep him in the readers he's in now and let him keep his "secret" that he's totally capable of reading way harder words than he lets on?

We also started Sign Language today, with the first Signing Time video. Iggy and Ooky ate that stuff up...and me too, since I've always wanted to learn ASL but never had the patience. Now I have an excuse. Iggy has always been fascinated by sign language...I'm hoping that since he has some friends who can sign (hint hint Sarah) that someday we can get together and do some hand talking together! I looked online to see how much the Signing Time set costs...oh my! I think requesting from the library (although there is a killer wait time for the things!!) will work for now.


Jennifer said...

Sign language rocks! I have my 2 older kids signed up for it but it doesn't start until Spring. My kids love our Signing Times videos. J knows more signs than I do, lol. Since P will never talk we are going to make that the kids' second language. Plus the kids could make a career out of it someday if they wanted to. When we get our curriculum we'll let you know and maybe you can join us sometime :o)
I also run into the school thing because "A" and "W" are actually only 14 months apart. They both learned a lot of the same stuff last Spring when we were winging it and now "W" is completely bored with Kind. because he already knows it all. I'll bet he'll be done by Christmas. That's my predicament. How do you foster the brains of a really smart younger kid without hurting the feelings of a smart older kid. I think him joining her grade would make her feel dumb, even though she's not. It's just that he's got 1/2 day of work each day and she has a whole, so he can get done faster if he works more. AND should I try to get him done faster, only to move on to harder work that's going to be frustrating to teach??? Decisions, decisions, decisions! Hmmmm, why can't life be easier? LOL
haha, my "word verification" down below is "suckie". Now I'm getting a comment complex when the computer says I suck, roflol!

Amy said...

Its great to know that our homey buddies are into sign language. I think it will help the boys to keep at it if there are other people they know who use it. I don't think there is anyone in our family who knows how to sign...except for a few signs they taught their babies or whatever. It would be GREAT to join you for signing...or anything else you want to do!

jbantau said...

I try to keep reiterating to the children that they are not in competition with each other or with other kids. They only have to better themselves. They have to hear it over and over again, but I think they will get it at some point. If you are faster at your times tables then you were last time then that's a win. Our job is to better ourselves not be better then everyone else.

Beverly said...

Is Signing Time still on TV? It was on our PBS station for awhile.
I am having an issue with siblings learning to read. My girl who will be 7 soon is taking a very slow path to learning to read. Her older brother seemingly taught himself to read overnight at age 4. Unfortunately, my daughter has heard me tell this story. I tell her don't worry about it; she'll learn at her own pace, but she does worry.

Sarah said...

Sorry it's taken me so long to respond to this, my dear. You can read my blog about it; undoubtably you've read my resignation on the Yahoo thingy.

Anyhow, right now I have no voice (literally). I'm suffering again from pleurasy, laryngitis, sinusitis, and the beginnings of pneumonia as well as something else I'm forgetting. I hurt--a lot and got 45 minutes of sleep last night, with no hubster. In fact, I called him at 2 am crying because I was in so much pain. But he can't come home and I'm heartsick.
So, to answer you (sorry for my pouting!) yes, we'll sign with you anytime. In fact, I know the sign for homeschool!
my word verifier was ingene. Hmmmm, think Jen's got a point there......