Monday, October 20, 2008

Some realizations should be obvious

Well, we're back from the cabin. Had a great time, once again...topped off with an observation and eventual realization that should have been obvious. See, Ooky is a special kid. Well, all kids are special, but Ooky requires something...I don't know if I have figured out what that thing is. He's like the super high bounce ball in a room full The kid doesn't know how to settle down. He goes until he crashes. He's a constant fireball of unquenchable energy. His brain zooms along faster than I even thought was possible. Its hard to follow him - physically or, well...mentally. I just never know where exactly he is.

So we're up at the cabin. And I don't remember why we couldn't be outside, but we were stuck inside. And I thought the kid was literally going to explode through the roof. So couple that with the fact I was in one of those "I refuse to entertain my kids 24 hours a day" and "This is my vacation, too" kind of moods. And what it really might have been, now that I think about it, is one of those downsides to homeschooling...that you are literally ALWAYS with your kids. Which means those quaint family vacations that are supposed to draw the family closer together...aren't quite the same, because you've already spent the week before together. And the week before that. But whatever. That wasn't even the realziation I was talking about. It was this: As I watched Ooky blazing his way through the 400 square foot of cabin with five other people in it with no regard to noise level or space I watched Ooky operate on a completely different plane of existance (there's being defiant, and then there is just not getting it) I sat there getting more and more upset and thinking things like why can't he just sit down like his brother...the realization smacked me right upside the head that THIS was one of the reasons we chose homeschooling. Because we knew that Ooky wouldn't survive sitting in a desk for more than three minutes without freaking out. THIS, the insanity, the constant going, the crazy level of energy...the stuff that can drive me the same reason we didn't want to put him in public school. We figured it would save us the "Your son has ADHD, you should medicate him" and/or the ten phonecalls/emails a day regarding his behavior. Keeping him home didn't change his level of intensity...did I think it would? He's still Ooky. Shouldn't that have been obvious?

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