Monday, October 20, 2008

Who is their teacher???

Just thought I would share some of our conversations from the northwoods. Someone should really talk to the teacher of these kids...(me, hiding in the corner...)

(Note: Most of these comments/conversations were completely out of the blue and had nothing to do with anything anyone was talking about. Even remotely.)

Ooky: Know how you get jelly?
Me: How?
Ooky: Milk a jellyfish.
(The sad thing was that he wanted a PB and J sandwich.)

Ooky: Mom, I don't remember what the inside of your body looks like.
Me: What?
Ooky: You know, when I was growing inside you? I don't remember what your insides look like.

Grandma: Gee, I really wish there were northern lights right now for you boys to see...they are just awesome up here.
Ooky: Grandma, there is a light on the north of the cabin. (referring to the solar light that comes on whenever anyone goes out to the outhouse. Which, yes, faces north.)

Ooky: Mom?
Me: What.
Ooky: Let's just go inside the cabin...and love.

Hubster: (referring to the good hunt my father had just returned with) Your Dad shot lucky.
Iggy: What? Grandpa shot a monkey?

And perhaps, the best one of all....

Iggy: (noticing the label on Hubsters walkie talkie radio) Dad...I see your name is on your radio (and he then reads the first word as my husband's first name). But what is the second word? (and he then starts spouting off words he thinks it is.)
Me: You don't know what that second word is, Iggy?
Iggy: (continues spouting off words like "radio" or "walkie talkie" or "tool")
Me: Seriously? You don't know that word?
Grandpa: (quite dryly) Hmm. Someone needs to talk to his teacher about that.

Ok, isn't he the kid who just read all those books for the read-a-thon? And read a ginormous word list today for a wordfind he wanted to do? Words I had no idea he was even capable of sounding out? And he didn't know his LAST NAME? Seriously. I might need to submit this one to Secular Homeschooler's "Homeschooling Horror Stories".

Well, its nice to know we're all human, right?


Sarah said...

Who IS their teacher? Snork, snork. I'm not sure if Fuchsia would know her last name if it was written either---although she probably wouldn't guess "walkie talkie". Hee hee hee

Amy said...

Yeah, it was, awesome. Because all those things he guessed were so close to what the last name actually is. Like...maybe even starting with the same first letter would have at least encouraged me a little!

jbantau said...

"Grandpa shot a monkey?" That had me laughing out loud. Did it say, "Ya, sure, yooou shot me, eh." Just kidding. I can say that 'cause I was born in St. Cloud, MN. I've been in TX for ten years, but I still haven't gotten rid of this darn nothern accent.

Stephanie S. said...

Love those shiny moments!!
Like when asked "what are you learning about?" they say "Nothing."

Jennifer said...

You're a hoot! Gotta love kids. This morning I had just spent 15 minutes reviewing continents with "A" on a globe so she could take a test. So, one of the questions was "name one continent". She says, "I don't know what a continent IS"???? Besides the fact that the question before it was "what is a continent?" and she answered it correctly, lol. I think it would be better if I didn't even tell her it was a test, lol. I think it stresses her out.