Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It pays to organize the shelves...

Funny how when you're going through things and organizing the hoardes of "school stuff" you have, you happen to find a double sided game called "Add 'Em Up Apple Orchard" and "Pumpkin Patch Math". What appropriate timing! So those games have entertained us for the past couple days. We continue to work on addition (its funny to see how many simple facts the boys have memorized...even though I think its mostly from schoolhouse rock...). Today we introduced subtraction (just because it was on the other side of the game board), which Iggy caught onto in a snap. Ooky was mostly distracted by how to actually play the game - you had to find a certain number on the board and move to that number instead of actually counting a certain number of spaces.

Reading is going grandly. It was sooooo cool today, Iggy read a book called Jet Beds (another one of his phonics reader set we got from a fellow homeschooler) and then I decided it was my turn to read. I picked a book from the shelf called "Skeleton Hiccups" and Iggy tears it out of my hands and says "Mom, I'd like to read that to you." I am thinking there is no way you can read this book. No way at all! But that Iggy is so stubborn and determined, HE READ THE BOOK. He worked his way though those words and made it to the end and was so excited, I thought he was going to cry. He ran all over the house screaming "I did it, I really did it!" It was so very cool. Deinfitely a highlight for today.

Ooky worked on writing today, wrote his first and last name (I wrote it on the dry erase board first.) Iggy wrote a sentence about his favorite dog (spurred on from a online game he was playing yesterday). Both pieces of writing are proudly displayed on the wall for Hubster to see when he comes home tomorrow morning.

Looking forward to receiving our weekly reader subscription, which we just ordered last night (thanks for the tip, Sarah, even though it took me forever to do it!). Maybe its just nostaligia from my own school days, but I'm pretty pumped for it to arrive. Hopefully the boys will enjoy it too.

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jbantau said...

My husband and I were just talking about Book Orders last night. I remembered how much it sucked when we couldn't order from it. Then when the order came in for the other kids in the class it was like watching everyone else get a Christmas present. Our kids don't have to deal with that, thank goodness.

I love your blog.