Saturday, July 4, 2009

the big wide world

Its funny how people can get stuck. Stuck in things they've always done. Driving the same roads they've always driven. Following the exact footsteps laid down the day before, even if they don't mean to.

Its time for something different. Let's go places we haven't been before. Let's find something new.

How about the sculpture park that you've driven by several times but never stop? Let's start there..

And then, how about that state park with the lovely trail you used to hike before you had kids? Why not let them in on that slice of paradise?

And then maybe, with a little research, you might find out there is another state park hidden just a few miles from a place you already drive at least twice a week. How about we stop there?

Yes. Different is good. Refreshing, uplifting, energizing. Just plain good.


jessamyn said...

thank you so very much for stopping by my space and leaving behind such little tokens of thoughtfulness and kindness.
i am so happy that you found my thoughts, and in turn, led me here. i am also on an unschooling journey with my loves. and so, it is quite a treasure to sink into your space.

Green Mamma said...

I like the simplicity and yet the reminder that is within this post: rediscovering one's treasures all over again and trying new things a second, third, and fourth time around for our children . . . besides, we'll find new things each and every time we "go," yes?

mamak said...

yes! i am so needing different too! I am having such wanderlust lately. i am gonna poke around and find something new! thanks, (wo)man!

Ruralmama said...

Sounds like you had a totally awesome time! Good for ya!

Good to see hubster getting a chance to join you guys as well!