Wednesday, July 22, 2009

making it fit

We've been having fun the past few days.

Smiling boys are always a treat.

So are smiling mamas.

Isn't it amazing how kids are drawn to water, even when their lips are blue?

Mama, remind me how to shoot an arrow.

I think I remember how to do it.

I forget how this all fits together.
Oh yes.
We were all together.
Having fun.
What a perfect fit.


Stephanie said...

Indeed! :)

I need to get a real archery set.
Not a pro set, mind you... but a better one than what we have.
My babes would love it.

Vicki said...

Beautiful pictures!!!

What a wonderful day you all had =)

btw..I answered your comment with some more info on my blog. I know it's pointless, but I hate to see people not even knowing what's coming their way.

Ruralmama said...

That is so awesome! It looks like you all were having a fabulous time.
Hmmmm, archery? My girls would start trying to take out squirrels for dinner, or something. Although Super Dad did start teaching Boo about gun safety and let her shoot his pellet gun.

Green Mamma said...

Oh, I am so inspired! Just today I thought of taking Annabelle out on a canoe or paddle boat. Wherever it is that you all live, it is beautiful! And oh boy, your guys are so lucky that they have a mama who can show them how to shoot bow and arrow. Amazing!

Love the photo story aspect too, :-)

topsytechie said...

Ok, so now I want an archery set...hmm...think they sell them at the thrift store??

mamak said...

right on!

s t a c y said...

Oh, blue lips!

"But I'm not cold!"

I was a blue-lip kid and I've two of my own now. :)

Loving your posts, as usual!