Sunday, July 26, 2009

a good morning, indeed

How much better can a morning start out?
Who wouldn't like to see this coming down the stairs as a start to their day?

"Good morning, mom. I brought you breakfast in bed."

Total sweetness. With honey on top.


Stephanie said...

My morning is startin' out with sweetness, too...
I'm off to the store (pre-anyone-else-awake) for two new bookcases for organizing the Rumpus Room. :)

(I'm feeling the need for Juice, and re-organizing and discovering Long Lost Things/tools is a great -cheaper- way to get it!!) :)
Have a wonderful day!!

mamak said...

That is a great beginning!

mamak said...

Oh and thanks for your words, I knew you guys would get it. Just knew it!

Green Mamma said...

Aw! Now that's positive reinforcement (for mamma). Lucky lady, happy kids, :-)

Oh, and I totally can't wait to start reaping rewards like these from my kiddos, lol.

Ruralmama said...

You pampered lady you! Did Daddy maybe have a hand in that, or did he do that all on his own? Heck, I'd take either!

MamaTea said...

RuralMama - no Daddy involved. He wasn't even home. However, I did find out later that he asked Grandma (who was awake and upstairs) if he could have some help cutting flowers from the front yard. :)