Monday, July 27, 2009

it rained. we celebrated.

We've had a a decent amount of rain the past week, so the level of the creek has come up a bunch. Nowhere near what it should be, but better, nonetheless.

We will take "better", and use it as an excuse to celebrate!

We built balloon powered boats...

...and raced them.

...drove them ashore catch froggish friends.

The rope swing called to us...

We just have to splash.

And throw giant rocks.

No, Mom. I'm not tired.

Honestly. I could go all day.

I know.
Soak up the fun until you crash.
Because that's what we do.
Isn't life deliciously grand?


Green Mamma said...

We've made milk carton boats in the past too, though I have to say that actually traveling down to a real water hole takes the excitement of "boating" to another level (ours set sail in our bathtub, :-) ).

Oh, and the rope swing brings back memories too; it looks like a great afternoon, :-)

Ruralmama said...

Oh yeah, now that's what I'm talking about!

I am so jealous of your creek, you know that, right?

Additionally, how do you keep them from being IN it all the time?

MamaTea said...

GM - How do I keep them out of it? The part of the creek that's closest to the house is actually pretty yucky. On a good day, two feet of water with a non-existent bottom. Seriously, you sink about five feet into guk...which to me is totally freaky. Equally as unappealing to them. Thank God.

This little part we can swim/wade in (depending on the year) has a sandy (solid) bottom and is quite lovely...but its a hike through the woods. When we all make it out that far (its a group effort - at least two kids and a mom -, due to wild critters and lots of in numbers, ya know) this wading hole is fair game.

MamaTea said...

Sorry, Rural Mama. I meant to type RM not GM. I obviously need more coffee...

Stephanie said...

A lovely day!! :)

We're off to a favorite summer spot of ours today, though there isn't a lot of swimming there.
But maybe we'll stop somewhere along the way...

Jennifer said...

Looks like a TON of fun!