Friday, September 12, 2008

9/11 = Transformers?

So...continuing on the September 11th thing, I basically gave my kids two books to look at (I'd ordered them a long time ago and they are full of tons of pictures, nothing too graphic in my opinion) and just said we can look at these and if you have questions, we can talk about it. Iggy mostly was just interested in 1. why someone would want to fly a plane into a building if they knew they were going to die, and 2. who in the world could hate America, like who exactly are the bad guys? Now you might think this is totally weird, but the only way I could think to explain anything remotely close to the whole September 11th thing was to delve into the boys' world of Transformers. Then, oddly enough, there were a lot of things they "understood" far as good guys/bad guys goes. Then the day morphed into us writing a Transformers story, and them each making a book from it and illustrating it. (They turned out really neat, actually.) And there you have it. The September 11th disaster in a kindergarten-like world.

Today, our learning took us to issues like "Mom, why doesn't this frog we found have any legs?" to "Maybe instead of reading this book, Mom, you could sing it." (Um, what?) We played badminton, went goose "hunting" (which basically meant the boys sat in the backyard with a lunchbox full of snacks and the "duck boats" they made a few days ago and made a lot of noise), and also spent some time explaining to Ooky why swinging a three foot long metal pipe at various fixed objects could be dangerous to anyone within eye or earshot. (We have yet to figure out where he found the pipe. In all "fairness" to the child, he was being Optimus Prime and it was his ax. I told him I didn't think OP had an ax, but what do I know?) We harvested all the carrots from our garden, made four loaves of bread and some chili, helped Grandpa haul things to the burn, I'm exhausted just typing it all down. As far as anything actually academic...Ooky told me that if I wanted to spell "cube" (this was during another Transformers spazz out) that it would be spelled "Q" and "B"...which I suppose, if the English launguage made any sense at all, would be correct.

The evening ended with another rousing game of Slamwich, and I was again told I was the best mom ever. (Wow, if that's all it takes...)I love doing games with the kids. I enjoy the time with them, and there are so many billions of things you can learn from games besides the rules of how to play. Any favorites that you gals like to play with your darlings?

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