Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Camera is working!!

Well...if you can't tell, we finally got the camera to work with our computer, so I'm slowly adding pictures to my blogs to make them just that more exciting. And, if you also can't tell, I love taking pictures of my kids.

Hubster is home and so its been ultra-relaxed around here. We had a campfire last night and Iggy did a whole impromptu spelling bee thing - which made me giggle, because Hubster and I watched a hilarious Youtube spoof on homeschoolers and how they are going to take over the world, one spelling bee at a time...Anyhow, spelling bee was followed by a late night dead-animal-remains-identification-quiz, as we kept finding...well, dead animal remains. We have four outside cats here who take it upon themselves to rid our 13 acres of woods/creek of rodents...and we sometimes come upon...well, you get the idea. Good backwoods fun.

We made a new recipe (Caramel French Toast) for supper (I'm assuming we aren't the only people who eat breakfast type foods for supper) and Ooky helped me put it together. He was the egg cracker. I got out the carton of eggs and told him he had to crack five...but one at a time into a bowl. So he gets through two of them, and I was thinking outloud and said "How many more do you have left to crack?" And he says "Three." But dangit, how did he know that when he had a whole dozen in front of him? Was the kid doing (gasp) math?? (Big smile from mom, who is always amazed that the crazy insane full of energy youngest child of hers knows WAY more than he'd ever actually come out and tell you. She has a way of sneaking it out of him, though...)


Sarah said...

Fantastic picture lady!

Those boys of yours, always doin' something! :-)

Love the math by cooking, BTW, we did much the same here 2 days ago (and I haven't blogged about it yet?!? Slacker!!!)


homeschoolceo said...

Right on! Sounds like an awesome day...I'm envious. Hubbie would be soooo jealous of the 13 acres. He's always wistfully musing about how we'll build our Monticello some day, and have acres to ramble about. (Insert dream bubble here)

Thanks for visiting my blog. It gave me the opportunity to find yours and I love it! Sounds like we are on the same page with homeschooling. Kudos Mom, you rock!