Thursday, September 11, 2008

Busy couple of days...

Its been a crazy last couple of days. We are going to try the Pizza Hut "Book It" homeschooler read-a-thon this year so Iggy sat down and had to come up with reading goals for the next year. He decided ten new books a month. So we will see what happens.(As a sidenote: I really don't believe that read-a-thons are the magic cure for reading ailments. And I'm not sure, for the most part, that promising a kid they are going to get a pizza for reading is going to suddenly flip their "I love to read" lever if its not already on.) My mom-guess here is that although Iggy likes to read, he likes to read as his own little thing and the "pizza prize" hanging over his head, after the first time he gets one (there is a new one every month) will have lost its magic and become more of an evil sinking rock of doom than a "reward". I'm not the kind of mom who will sing-songily remind "Iggy, remember, you have 5 more books before you meet your goal..." And Iggy generally doesn't respond well to "reminding" anyway. But that's just my mom-guess.

I taught the boys how to play kickball, which was quite an adventure with only three people. They had fun though, and can't wait until "all our friends" come over so we can play kickball together. I will be quite pleased to have other kids here to play because I'm pretty sure that a mama and kickball on uneven terrain don't mix well together.

Yesterday we went and visited my awesome friend Sarah and her two lovely daughters. We had a great time. The kids played so nice together and the two mamas got a lot of talkin' done. That's always good for the soul! Sarah is so welcoming and a dang creative woman.

Last night ended with a game of slamwich and a "Hey Mom, tomorrow is September 11th." conversation which reminded me to pull out my Sept. 11th books for today for Iggy who wants to learn everything he can about it (and how the heck much do you tell 12 year old in a five year old's body?) youngest doesn't want to hear about it because after all "Mom, terrorists are monsters." Well put, Ooky.

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Sarah said...

It's too soon for me.
I can't teach my kids about it, because I'm still reacting in fear and anger and weepiness over that day. I remember watching the TV, with my newborn baby in my lap (Fuchsia was born in June of 2001) watching what I thought was pieces of building falling off the sides, only to learn that those were PEOPLE jumping. I just can't do it yet. I keep thinking about the little kids on the airplane as well. It's just too much for me.

On another note, we had a fabulous time too. I gotta finish those curtains today (well, I don't, but I want to!). Thanks for braving the NE country!