Monday, September 1, 2008

'Twas the Night Before School...

...and all through the house, not a child was sleeping because...well, we're in the middle of a sleepover. I feel like I should be marking this night/tomorrow as some big deal...but in truth, it will probably pass by without much of anything at all. Were we public schoolers, I'd be waking up tomorrow to send my oldest child to his first day of kindergarten. Since we're not, we'll probably do our normal snuggle-and-watch-Spongebob until we have to leave to pick up our dairy order (and see a lot of other kids who, like us, didn't get on a bus). Kind of uneventful. Kind of everyday normal for around here.

I have to remember that even though homeschooling was a huge decision that Hubster and I had to consciously make, it was never an issue for my kids. This "homeschool thing" is normal to them - its how life has always been for them. Except for an occasional ECFE class, the kids have been pretty far removed from public school anything. But that's "normal" to them. So this tiny (very tiny) bit of "Ok, we are seriously doing this now. For real. Because our oldest actually should be at kindergarten tomorrow and he won't be..." is undetected by the kids. As a former straight-A-follow-the-rules student, there's always a little part of me that knows I'm not following the rules. Do my kids get that? Does it matter? I'm not sure they even realize we are "undergrounders", as we occasionally are referred to. I mean, they know that other kids will be going to the "big school" tomorrow. They also know that they will be at home - or wherever - doing whatever "school" means for us tomorrow (it often changes). Its not a big deal to them. Its just how we live.

My oldest said something to me a couple days ago and it was really cool. He said to me, "Mom, homeschool rocks. This family is a powerhouse." And although I think he was really referring to the fact that we taught them to play badminton and can now play as a family about two thousand hours a day...I thought his statement was pretty awesome. It made me think, completely unrelated to badminton... Yep. He's right. Homeschool does rock. And this family IS a powerhouse.


Jennifer said...

I KNOW! Isn't it crazy! 'A' went to 3/4 of K and 'W' went to 3/4 of preschool last year, so they got a taste of what school is. I told them that school starts tomorrow and they know that 'P' and 'A2' will start some school this week.
I was SO loving not having to go school shopping and all that crap. They'll get new clothes when the ones they have don't fit - not because we feel obligated to follow the parade to the outlet mall, lol. Since we do cyber school we have more of a routine to follow but it's still not riding a bus and going to school :o)

Sarah said...

I was having the same epiphany the other day filling out the forms for the district: now that we are no longer under the radar it seems all scary and new. Breathe deeply; you are, on any given day (even the worst one) doing 100X better than the public school system is with those guys.
It feels all cool to me, that if I want to go partake of the "back to school" madness, I can, but it's a optional thing--like Jen said, we're not obligated to and our kids just don't suffer the same sorts of stresses to have the newest, coolest stuff. My kids actually think it's cooler to get items from Savers and garage sales and they spout on and on about how much we saved...and they have not a clue because this is the way things have always been.

It's probably not fair or my shining-nest parenting moment, but "sending you to public school" has actually been a threat in this house. LOL.