Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stuck under a bridge...

Yesterday was great! Mama threw caution to the wind and took Iggy, Ooky, and Hubster on a trail adventure, completely ignoring the call for rain most of the day. (Ok, so my in my defense, there wasn't any severe weather predicted, just on and off showers...and, as far as I know, no child has ever melted in a shower.) Anyhow, so we are walking the winding lovely trails of a park system near my house, stopping off at little places on the river to hang out, having a lovely time. And then, the thunder starts. Me, I'm not too concerned. The boys look at the sky, Ooky pulls out some Transformers line like "The darkness is approaching, Autobots..." but we basically ignore the possible rain. "Besides," I say. "I know where the van is parked, and its just around the corner."


Well, as you probably can guess, the thunder got a little bit louder, and we eventually left the spot we were hanging out in to head for "the van". Only, the parking lot I thought the van was in was not just around the corner. It was quite a bit farther. But, no worries. It's just thundering. So we keep walking.

Iggy remembers what trail we are on and asks if we can walk under the "giant bridge", and I said "If its not raining by the time we get there, we can go under it and explore for awhile, but if it starts to rain, we're just going up the hill to the van (because now I really remember where we parked)." So that's the plan. And plans are good. But what actually ended up happening was about 50 feet from the bridge, the sky opened up with this torrential downpour, so we ran to the bridge and hung out underneath it until the rain let up. It was awesome. Ooky thought maybe we'd just make it our house, and had big plans about where all his stuffed animals could sit. I assured him the rain would eventually stop and we'd be able to go home.

All in all, a very educational day (graffiti included).


Sarah said...

Awesome pics of some great graffiti there, lady. What a nice get-out! Also very nice that the hubster got to come out with ya.

Glad that you didn't decide to move in though, it probably gets lots of "visitors". LOL

Amy said...

Um, yes. The best part was when we were taking the grafitti picture and Iggy leans over to me and says "Mom, it smells bad up here. Like...ketchup." Yeah. I'm pretty sure that's not ketchup you smell.