Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hmmm, good question.

Here is my short but sweet Sunday evening pondering-

Directed at those who are dead-set against homeschooling, I'm wondering if this point has ever been brought up: Most studies I've read put nationwide homeschooler estimates at about 1.5 million kids. Who knows how accurate this is, because it depends what a homeschooler is defined as, and if you're talking just kids of compulsory education age, etc. But let's just say, for the sake of argument, that 1.5 million kids is right. If you divide them equally, for the sake of argument, between all 50 states, that would be 35,000 kids per state. Right?

My question, to those who are completely and totally anti-homeschooling and feel all kids should be in public school....WHERE are you going to put them all? 35,000 kids per state? That's an awful lot of new schools to be built...or crowded classrooms in the ones you already have. And if I'm not mistaken, "new schools" and "crowded classrooms" are already a hot topic, aren't they

Just a (stir up the pot!) thought...


Sarah said...

Excellent point!

Gordy has another good question: Can people complain effectively with a chainsaw shoved up their nose? Discuss.

Tee hee, we're in fine fettle here tonight!

Vicki said...

Lol! And that number doesn't even count the homeschoolers that have taken the '600' option of being under a private school listing. That's what we use for our youngest so I don't have to bother with pleasing an evaluater every year. SO much less hassle.