Friday, September 5, 2008

Impromptu Field Trip

Since my mother had to make a delivery for her biz to way southern MN, we offered to do the driving and turned it into a little field trip adventure. Along the way we bought a new camera and took some wicked pictures, however, our computer is not cooperating and we can't load the pictures in for you to see at this time (we apparently need a new cd rom drive. Nice.) Anyhow, I can tell you we went to a fantastic park in Redwood Falls and traipsed across a sway bridge, saw a waterfall, and lots of animals. We stayed overnight in a hotel. We watched some late night television which included Smash Lab and How it Works. Which reminded me that my boys know all they will ever need to know about the scientific method. I'm pretty sure that the awesome people who work through hypothesis making and experimentation on Smash Lab are having WAY more fun than I ever had in 7th grade science class. Note: I cannot wait to buy Backyard Ballistics for my boys. In any event, we had a blast. (Ha, no pun intended. Or maybe it was.)

Tomorrow is Iggy's first day of "hunting" - he is totally excited. Ooky will be spending the day with me doing some treasure finding at the citywide garge sales. I must collapse into bed now, the hotel beds last night were not quite comfortable at all...but I shouldn't complain. The boys let us sleep in until 7:44 am before they politely told us it was time to get up. "Mom. The time is now seven dot dot four four. Oh wait, the time is now seven dot dot four five. Or two. Mom, get up." I should have never taught them how to tell time.

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