Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday Three

Why We Love It (Homeschooling, that is):

1. No bugging our extended family members 19 times a year with fundraisers. (I am reminded of this because my uncle recently went off about his daughter's school and the obnoxious fundraisers they have.)You can only tap the same people for money so many times a year, and I, for one, hate feeling obligated to buy something. (And I hate putting people in the position of feeling obligated to buy buy buy so my kids can "win" a prize that would be hundreds of dollars cheaper if I just bought it at the store.)

2. Homemade lunches. I know what my kids are eating. I know what is in what my kids are eating. I know they are eating. No "I bought three malts for lunch today and a tray of nachos, Mom. My account is empty, I need more money."

3. As we were walking into the library yesterday, Iggy saying quite innocently, "What do those kids do all day in the big school? I mean, really, Mom. They are totally missing out on all the fun."

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