Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Creeks and Chips

We have a lovely classroom, don't we?

This is our creek. Iggy is concerned its unhealthy. We've talked about wetlands and researched them quite a bit, so he's aware that wetlands have a job to do. The water moves very slowly through it, and all the "stuff" is filtered out of it before it makes its way to the bigger body of water (in our case, the Rum River). But with all that happening, all that stuff getting taken out, the "stuff" is kind of sucked up into our shores. And after many many years of this happening, you can see how the shape of the creek changes. Its getting narrower. As Iggy says, there is land where there shouldn't be land. And we have to do something.

Iggy is going to save the world.

We traipsed out into areas we don't usually go to check out an old contraption the previous owners (a really long time ago) had put into the creek as a means of diverting some of the water. I'm not too sure how exactly it worked, but Iggy wanted to see it. The creek in our backyard is actually two creeks; a good chunk of it is manmade by the original owners of the house and the second is part of a larger creek - the one that eventually makes it to the Rum. (I learned this just a few days ago...and I have lived in this house all together how many years? The things you pick up when your kids start asking questions...its amazing.)

Anyhow, so its a constant wonder of how to help the creek. Its kind of doing what nature wants to do, I think. Which is go back to how it first was many many years ago. Its filling in and closing up. I still think it would be many years until this completely happened, but you can definitely tell its in the process. So Iggy is hell-bent on turning the process around.

Do they make chest waders for six year olds?

Evening came and we made homemade chips and dip. Got the idea from RuralMama They were divine. It was a race to see who would get the last chip.

We also enjoyed some lovely vegetables shredded up and fried in a pan with a bit of butter. I love vegetable night. My mom runs a pet food store (raw diet) and every month she has to make cultured vegetables. We get the "extras" to fry up for supper.

And there you have it. A day centered around creeks and chips. Who woulda thunk it?

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Ruralmama said...

I love your creek!

So are you suffering from the dilemma of whether to mess around with the creek? I could just see the wheels turning as I was reading what you were writing. :-)

I'm glad you made chips and enjoyed them. It takes a lot longer than cracking open a bag of Lays, but it's more pleasant. Not necessarily less fattening though.........bummer.