Monday, June 1, 2009

So different: Tooth Edition

So Iggy (6) has lost 4 teeth thus far in life. Everything was always a big deal, a bit of a production. A happy production, but a production nonetheless.

Ooky, who just turned 5 in April, joined the world of tooth loss yesterday. Which was a surprise to me a) because I wasn't home when it happened and b)I wasn't aware he had a loose tooth.

If it were Iggy, he would have told me 17 times a day that he still had a loose tooth and how close it was to coming out. But such thing as making a big deal about having a loose tooth. (Which is ironic, because in every part of life, he's drama all the way.)

This is how the event played itself out. I arrived home from grocery shopping to my father telling me Ooky lost a tooth. I said something like, "He WHAT?", immediately assuming that it was because the two brothers had popped each other in the face or Ooky had flown over the handle bars of his bike. But I was wrong about that, too.

I fly down the stairs to see Ooky, expecting this giant production.

MamaTea: Oh my gosh, Ooky, you lost a tooth?!?!
Ooky: (very unimpressed) Yeah.
MamaTea: Let's see!
Ooky: (opens his mouth) It kind of feels weird.
MamaTea: Yep, that happens sometimes. So where is the tooth?
Ooky: I think I swallowed it.
MamaTea: You what??
Ooky: Well, I don't know where it is. I think I swallowed it.
(Notice the lack of exclamation points in Ooky's commentary?)
MamaTea: Well...ok. I'm sure the tooth fairy will still come. She knows whenever you lose a tooth.
Ooky: Ok.
MamaTea: So what exactly were you doing when you lost it?
Ooky: Walking up the sidewalk.
MamaTea: And you don't know where the tooth is?
Ooky: I think I swallowed it.
(My dad tells me then they looked all over the sidewalk and couldn't find it, so perhaps he did in fact swallow it.)
Ooky: Yeah, I think I swallowed a lump.
MamaTea: Oh...ok...well, its ok. I think your stomach acid will take care of it.

Well, I decide I'm going to look outside because I just don't think he swallowed it. Sure enough, I found it next to the faucet for the hose. Don't ask me HOW it got there, WHY I thought to look there, or HOW I even saw it. Its like smaller than a kernel of corn. A white tooth on a white sidewalk. Anyhow. I presented the tooth to Ooky, who then showed some excitement because he actually had something to put under his pillow. He commented it was the best day ever.

Then this morning:
Ooky: Look what the tooth fairy brought me!
MamaTea: Wow! She came! (etc, etc, etc,)
Ooky: (sits down on the couch and turns on the tv)
MamaTea: Well, do you want to count it?
Ooky: Ok.
We count the money.
MamaTea: So...that's pretty awesome, huh? Now you have some garage saling money, right?!!
Ooky: (let's out a bit of sigh) Mom, I just don't really get what the big deal is about this.

Oh my. Sooooooo different than Iggy. Oh. My.

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Sadie said...

That's funny! I have a feeling my 5 yr old will be excited...1- because his older brother has lost so many. and 2- he loves to spend money. My oldest was very dramatic with tooth-loosness. He has them hanging for months and refuses to pull or's almost traumatic.